Hi team,

Just developing a new blog at the moment so Project Lucky in its current format (haven’t decided about the name change yet) is being abandoned/ I’m fading it. Apologies for not updating you on this sooner.

What I would like from you is to get in touch with me via the blog or other ways with what you’ve liked and not liked about Project Lucky so that I can make the next blog even better.

At this stage I’m hoping to have my new baby up and running in the new year, giving me Christmas to plan it and New Years to get silly and improve those plans. See you in January!

If you need other blogs to follow in the meantime/my Christmas gift to you:

theyallhateus.com, awesomepeoplehangingouttogether.tumblr.com, other-wordly.tumblr.com, iloveyourstyle.com

Thanks, with love and peace,



Rather Be

It’s supposed to be summer here. But the gales are howling, the rain is running and there’s even been a tornado. It’s a horrible 19 degrees Celsius, that’s horrible because it’s not hot enough to wear shorts but not cold enough to wear actual winter clothes and every time I step outside the wind blows my hair and it sticks to my lipgloss which then leads to me trying to flick it off with my tongue because the feeling of lipglossed hair on fingers is really gross. Such as hassle.

I’ve been having a bit of a fantasy for the last few weeks about being holed up in a cottage in the English countryside. Wearing layers of clothing, rambling across paddocks, cosy fires and copious cups of tea. That way, I could just read and ramble and not actually have to do anything. Or I could become more consistent with writing a blog (now that would be a nice change wouldn’t it?).

Here’s what I’m thinking: