No Connection

It’s been a week of no blogging, no having fun, no lying in the recently emerged summer sun and no internet. Could my life possibly have been more disastrous??

That’s my brilliant excuse for not posting. No internet. I could’ve gone to uni and used the computers there but I felt that the oppressive halls of such a soul-sucking institution would do nothing for my creativity and besides, my head was so full of torts, trials and tribes that I couldn’t fit much in (limited capacity up there, ya hear?)

I thought I’d find it all refreshing, you know how they’re always saying that we need breaks from technology and people are always whinging about how they wish they could just “turn everything off”? In the summer, at the bach, great! internet, stay away. In my flat, all alone, abandoned by friends and flatmates alike as everyone was either studying or gone home already, I didn’t feel righteous or like I was doing something good for my soul or whatever, I just felt lonely.

I couldn’t see what my friends were up to on Facebook, I couldn’t go onto the page my friends and I have to send funny newsbites or pictures to each other, I couldn’t check my Viber, I couldn’t watch Suits online, I couldn’t even listen to the Downton Abbey soundtrack on Spotify. That was exponentially made worse by the fact that I was studying.

In short, I was forced by sheer boredom to entertain myself on my study breaks by watching Farmer Wants a Wife. Now I genuinely don’t feel that either the extent of my emotions nor the crux of that TV show need anymore elaborating on than that sentence.


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