Singletons of the World, Unite!

This week I’ve had three very well meaning but still irksome queries from people in my life wondering if there’s a guy on the scene. Now, when you are single, this is the single most annoying thing that someone can ask you, this is only made more annoying if the person asking is in a relationship, which all three were.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate their concern or curiosity. Although I am suspicious that the concern is more like pity as they look sadly upon my answers that I am just happy waiting, not worth settling, don’t have the time, no good guys in the vicinity, love having hate sex with random strangers etc all followed by forced laugh (and then BIG internal sigh). I also think that the curiosity may be a result of me having told raucous stories in the past (evidence for this in phrases like, “have you ever heard from that (insert description of boy here) guy?” or “what ever happened to (insert description of boy here)?”) and perhaps in the delusion that some coupled people seem to have about being single, that it’s all cosmopolitans and Sex and the City. Or are they hoping for a bit of gossip to take home to their partner, followed by smug tones along the lines of “thank god we’ve got each other, you won’t believe what _____ got up to on the weekend!”?

Regardless, I love to talk, have very limited screening between my head and my mouth, I have a wide circle of friends, I’m a notorious perver and I have a blog for goodness’ sake. So please, just trust me, if there is a man, ever, in my lifetime (or probably in the next too), you don’t have to ask. I WILL TELL YOU.

Although, as a side note, this is probably very unlikely because, as my mother kindly pointed out to me, I am too concerned with looks and looks aren’t everything. REALLY MUM? REALLY? ugh, what does she know?


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