List – 8 Questions

I’m low on inspiration, which is further proof that studying the law sucks out your soul, but also it’s study break so I’ve actually been kind of studying. I didn’t write yesterday because when you spend all morning in a revision session and all afternoon staring at your notes, not much goes on between the ears.

So this morning, as I sat in the library, my brain did it’s usual good job of getting curious about every possible other thing than my notes, which is not really surprising when they read things like “A K is a K, LTA doesn’t prevent Privity of K from retaining Eq rights in personam” see? Jibberish

10 8 questions from level 6 of the library (I was aiming for 10 but my brain wouldn’t even do that):

  1. Popcorn, carb or vege? It’s used like a carb but it comes from corn, how troublesome and this girl was eating some and I could smell it.
  2. How many litres of good tea could you make from one teabag? I’m running really low on tea bags but I don’t want to go and buy another box of a hundred when I’m only here for two more weeks.
  3. Why is everyone so into cupcakes? They are really nice, but they’re such a fad, why aren’t people freaking out over Baked Alaska or something?
  4. How old are you before you stop worrying about being naked in the changing rooms? I had a wee nudie moment in the gym changing rooms this week, noone was around so it was fine, but then I got all freaked out that there would be security cameras or something and was embarassed for the next hour.
  5. Which parent can I persuade to pay for my Black Keys ticket?I owe my brother money for it and I’m wondering which part of the parental unit will be ok with me citing “sibling bonding” as the reason I need $90.
  6. When is someone going to remove the sparrow from level 6 of the library? It’s been there all week and although it’s entertaining when it startles some unexpected studier, I’m worried it’s spreading plague or something.
  7. If I’ve done enough study to pass, why can’t I stop? This dreadful waste of time between a C+ and a B is really not worth it is it, but my sub-conscious guilts me into it anyway.
  8. Why is the guy next to me reading a book entitled “Self-Esteem and Learning a Foreign Language”? Has someone really written a whole book about that?? And what’s the verdict? Is it good for your self-esteem?

Let’s you and I both pray I’ve got something better by next time.


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