Take a Dirty Picture

Summer jobs, one of the many bains of student life. Our brains are worth so much and yet we’re forced to work in minimum wage occupations (that is, if we aren’t the chosen ones being schmoosed by various firms with too much money, not enough work and ample supplies of alcohol). Some friends and I discussed how we could make more money over summer until the uninvented invention I create for a niche market takes off, and the subject of being a bartender in a strip club came up. Now don’t go all conservative and shocked on me please. The ads show all these happy looking women with lots of cash, and we all want lots of cash. And what’s really the problem? I really don’t think being a stripper is my thing but bartending in a strip club, that’s just bartending right? So why is there such a shortage of people doing it and why is it such a big deal?

We are so Victorian in our double standards, all the dudes I know (and many of the girls) have frequented an ‘exotic’ joint at one time or another, but to work there is generally looked down on by all of us. How is that you’ll pay the wages but not do the work? Another reason that it’s not a great career prospect for me is that a societally-judged indiscretion like that will follow you for the rest of your life. If we ever become successful, what we do now will one day be brought up again (and sold for millions of dollars). Think Cameron Diaz, Kim K’s video, Paris Hilton’s video and the raft of other celebrities who have sent pictures to partners in the (vain) hopes that they’re for their eyes only.

So, especially to you ladies, before you do anything for the money, the excitement, or because your boyfriend thinks it’s a good idea, remember, that it can and will be documented forever, and the future you could be pretty gutted about that.

P.S. Found this secret one one of my favourite blogs postsecret.com and it’s sadly appropriate:


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