New Life Goal

As a little girl, I wanted to be a ballerina, then I think a writer (cyclical huh? seven year-old me had foresight), next I had my sights set on being an Olympic swimmer (but early mornings were never my thing). Then it was a sports doctor (very random in retrospect but that one lasted for about eight years), as I left school, I just wanted to be an actor (Mum quickly put paid to that idea), then as law encroached on my life, a judge, but not anymore.

Aside from professions there have been a couple of life goals that I’ve got, you know, long hair (which will NEVER happen naturally), to own an Hermes bag (preferably a Birkin, and no I don’t care that the wait list is about five years long and they cost a fortune), custom made jeans and well, I could go on in the wardrobe department. However, I feel that I would give that all up to be able to have enough swag and coolness to pull off this outfit:

It has absolutely blown my mind this week. She is wearing running shoes. RUNNING SHOES! They are almost the same shoes as  I wear to the gym! Having flat feet means that my life in the shoes department is one disappointment after another, so thank goodness for my brogues, which are the centre of my footwear world, but to be walking on the spongy clouds of trainers with a skirt and a clutch is the sort of thing I dream about when I’ve had too much to drink.

I don’t know if me, or Wellington, are ready to accept this for the style that it is, but I hope to be bringing it to a street near you  before my life is done.


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