Track Fashion

You can tell the law students by their attire apparently. It’s the only campus where heels are an everyday sighting, where lipstick causes no qualms and where walking through the common room is like being a model at the end of a fashion show where all the outfits are paraded at once. Comments and questions about outfits cross the age divide that separates the freshers (by that I mean fresh meat) from us older souls, it’s not uncommon to hear startled second years meekly responding that they got their pants from wherever to an enquiry from a fifth year.

Today, I decided it was finally time to break the mould. I did something that is so common at the other campuses but is only attempted by a select few at law school (and, from what I can observe, never as a fashion statement).

That’s right, I wore my trackpants.

I’d done some pre-event research, wearing them with non-exercise gear outside of the home, you know, with wedge boots to a cafe, with a stripey top and loafers to the Sunday markets, but to the runway that is law school, never. I’ve often thought about it, but have never dared. ‘Til now.

I paired my charcoal skinny trackies with a white tee, beige angora cardigan and black boots. I was so comfy I haven’t even gotten changed now that I’m home (oh yeah, that’s because I’d usually get into my trackpants, oh the convenience of this scheme!).

I felt so free, so rebellious, so comfortable and rather chic in a Bonds sloppy-joe ad kind of way.

And you know what, no one noticed, or if they did they didn’t say a thing. I’m trying to decide whether that’s a good thing.

Workin’ It


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