Friend of the Blog #4 Adele

I sometimes imagine that one day I’ll be well known enough to be interviewed in one of those newspaper weekend magazine columns where they ask you silly questions like “The book I can’t put down is…” “My last meal would be ….” etc. They sometimes ask something like “The concert I wish I’d seen is ….” and if I were ever to get asked that, I know exactly what I’d say. Ideally I would say something like “Kings of Leon in their garage before they got famous” or “Sinatra’s last hurrah” or something, but after having watched Adele – Live at the Royal Albert Hall on the plane home from Europe I have repeatedly wished really really hard that I was there.

Since Adele came onto my radar I’ve been doing my best renditions of her in the shower, in the kitchen, in the car, in my own head, so I am already a fan. But, what a show! Not just the singing, the stage, the theatre or the lighting design. But, the Adele that came across so cool and personable on The Graham Norton Show, who interviews like someone you could totally be friends with, was just like that on stage. She swore, she bemoaned not having a glass of wine in her hands, she cried a bit and even took her shoes off. She asked the lighting desk to put the house lights up so she could see everyone. She was just bloody cool. Not pretentiousness, no swanning about, no ‘trying to be witty’ banter, she just sang incredibly interspersed with funny yarns.

She is the sort of role model we could do with more of these days. Get rid of disgusting Gaga, trashy Pink and the skeptically talented Jessie J and let Adele’s reign continue.




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