Raging at Rage

I don’t usually get genuinely annoyed about things of international importance, I feel that they’re too far outside my sphere of influence to warrant expending energy being angry. I get upset about racism, frustrated by homophobia and confused at violence but rarely, genuinely angry.

However, if you’ve been watching the news you will know about all the protesting surrounding the creation of a film mocking the Prophet Muhammed, made in the USA. The Muslim world is in uproar, as they have a right to be, just the way that the homosexual community is over the mere fact that there is controversy around gay marriage. They definitely should feel insulted, just the way that African Americans feel every time they are the recipients of less than equal treatment. There’s nothing wrong with staging protests, the way that young Russians did over the incarceration of Pussy Riot. But to see on the news that there are young women in Kasmir asking for the film’s creators to be burned, that there are bloody riots breaking out in Lebanon, that the leaders of Muslims are encouraging violence and uprising, that just makes me really mad. How on earth are we supposed to move closer to a world of acceptance, tolerance and unity when each shot that is fired sparks a bonfire? This is about an insult. Yes it’s hurtful and it’s sad that tolerance is still so far away, and in an ideal world noone would have to encounter such disrespect, but I really cannot believe that people who are supposed to be leaders are going to encourage more hurt and pain as a means of retaliation. I’m not saying that people shouldn’t fight for their beliefs, but this is fighting against someone’s opinion, Muslim beliefs aren’t in danger by this film, it will not extinguish them so I think that expressing denigration and inciting violence are being confused here. Excuse me for sounding like a hippy but, give peace a chance.


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  1. G Casey
    Sep 20, 2012 @ 04:04:38


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