Passing Bye

This is Seated Nude by Picasso (1909-10, oil on canvas, Tate Modern, London) and I’m sure you’ve just given it a quick glance and are hoping I’ll move onto something else shortly. This is my favourite Picasso (that I’ve seen) and it hangs on a side wall in one of the back rooms of the Tate Modern’s third floor. As I stood in front of it, taking it all in (again) I became suddenly agitated by the people walking bye. So many people just walked straight on past, some gave it a considered look, others a glance and I just wanted to scream at them all “LOOK AT THIS. JUST STOP AND LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK!” But of course you can’t do that in a public art gallery unless you’re one of those performance art installations. Isn’t it amazing how people can just not notice something that to you is so beautiful. There is so much art and inspiration available to us, of course it’s impossible to take it all in, and thank goodness we all don’t think the same, otherwise the world would be a very boring place. But I did find it so hard to believe that people didn’t want to stop and get lost in this painting, as I was.

I suppose that every day we will bypass things that have meaning for other people. That’s a rather spacey thought, isn’t it?


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