It’s been a week of last minute research, last minute packing, last minute seeing of friends and last minute realisation that tomorrow I am going to Europe (thank goodness). It’s really crept up on me, the last five weeks having flown bye in such a flurry of paid work and uni work.

And dear readers, I hate to say it, but the abandonment continues. Tomorrow I depart for the Czech Republic and mama has warned that there probably won’t be an internet connection in all the wee random towns we will be visiting. I’m actually quite relieved about that, no pressure/chance to check email or scroll Facebook (so noone do anything fun, otherwise I’ll get mad FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)).

So, as well as being a slacker for the past week, I’m going to decline from entertaining you for three weeks more. Think of it as a sabbatical, you know, like the history teachers at school used to always take. I’ll be back, with lots of fresh ideas, lots of funny stories (hopefully involving other people as the protagonists – just saying) and LOTS of new clothes.

Peace out.

P.S Ever thought about footpath politics? It’s a tricky situation – how close to follow, is it rude to listen in on other people’s conversations? What is acceptable walking speed? How much do we hate tweens who walk three abreast?! Just something for you to ponder when you hit the pavement next.


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