Come So Far

Tuesday night means I have to tutor first years for law. It’s good money but it’s actually pretty demanding work, being on form for two hours, in front of impressionable 18 year-olds is like being in a play where you don’t know the script (not only because I’m usually under-prepared) but also because who knows what sort of crazy questions they’ll throw at me. I don’t aid this situation by having a rule whereby they can ask any question as long as it’s not about my social life (although one of them knows where I live).

The other day in our tutorial one of the kids compared me to Jess from The New Girl I’m going to take it as a good thing and I’m pretty sure it’s just because I sing questions to them when they’re not answering, not because I have a long fringe, huge eyes, like high-waisted things and hate jogging (despite the inherent truth in all of those things).

By the time it hits 7pm I’m so over the day that the thought of having to be effusive and cool for two hours is daunting and so looking to the bright side is absolutely necessary: optimistic gem of today that occurred to me at about 7:48pm as I was explaining who is the Plaintiff and who is the Defendent (and the difference between them and the prosecution and defence – bless!) is how much I’ve learned. Like, there is a lot of (largely useless) stuff in this brain of mine, and four years ago so much of what is second nature was new and really really hard.

So, in the spirit of Project Lucky, it may seem like there’s a long way to go, but looking back and admiring how far we’ve come is worth doing every once and awhile. Maybe it’s going to be more than a piece of paper after all.

P.S for those of you afraid of the university-optimistic me, it’s ok, I think I’m just over-tired, I’ll return to my hatin’-on-school self before long, fret not.


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