Good Idea or, Careers part 1.

I’ve been pondering my future, as an obsessive planner (ironic considering my commitment-phobia I know) I have spent the last six months trying to decide what I’m going to do when I’ve got these damn degrees. I’m using it as a carrot on a stick principle, thinking that if I pick something cool enough to do when I finish uni, I can fool myself into getting there.

There are a few key things that I want my adult life to have, and other than happiness, a great wardrobe, and a really good local cafe (where they know my name) the other realistic thing is vast wealth (obviously). (If you’re wondering, the unrealistic things I want are infinite but include an apartment in Paris and being an excellent jogger). The way to get vast wealth is to tap into a niche market, now my brother and I have already discussed and chosen our top three niche markets to promote products for but I’m not sharing them (figure out how to get rich on your own, suckers). But, I’d like to pay homage to three random ideas who have made things that I would be so stoked to put my name to.

1. Pantone Colour Charts: If you have never encountered these wonderful charts they systematically classify colour by numbers. How ingenius! It’s amazing! Story goes that Lawrence Herbert invented them in 1963 after arguing with his wife about wall colour. And now they’ve launched a range of merchandise with wallets, mugs, tea towels and now socks under the name ‘Pantone Universe’.

2. Tricycles: As someone who cannot properly ride a bike (yes I know, shock horror, gasp as you will, it’s my Achilles heel) I LOVE  tricycles. When I get older I want to have a custom made one. Too hard to balance on two wheels? Try three! Genius.

3. Recipes for microwaves. Especially for one. It’s the definition of pathetic convenience. Using killer technology to blast food that takes no time, very little effort and usually tastes sub-standard. But life would be so lacking without it. (Speaking as the girl who’s just eaten a microwave brownie). To have a brain that can come up with recipes that don’t allow for any time to simmer, taste, adjust seasoning or ever actually be presentable is quite a skill. What a joy.


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