Good Reasons

I have already detailed my frustrations with going to the gym. However, I am super proud of myself that I still go, regularly, frequently, habitually even. It’s scheduled into my life like mealtimes. With this new job I’ve managed to eat less, sleep less, study (much much much) less but exercise the same amount as always.

But as much as I can harp on about being so dedicated to the pursuit of health (read endorphins) and good body image (read hotness) yesterday was one of those days. You know the one, where your lungs suddenly decide to behave as if you’ve just smoked a pack and your muscles pretend that they’ve never been used. When you’re expelling breath like it’s going out of fashion and you’ve only done ten pushups. One of those days. I was even wearing my cutest gym outfit and that didn’t help. The trainer at the gym stared at me pitifully as I sighed with despair doing my tricep exercises (I swear they never get any stronger!)

Today, I saw this and it sums up exactly how I feel about exercise, apart from the fact that I’m reliant on it to feel good and eat pretty much whatever I want:


Peace out and keep sweating!


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