City Girl Skills

Farm girl: noun female who grew up on a farm or lifestyle block from whence animals come. Often rides horses, has pet sheep and owns non-patterned gumboots.

I am friends with three farm girls, and live with one of them. As many students in New Zealand will know there are many perks to living with kids from farms: they’re hearty drinkers (and eaters), they understand hard work, can drive manual vehicles and mow lawns. Undoubtedly the best thing that these rural students bring to any flat (or share-house for the Australians) is home kill. Yip, basically that’s meat that’s either free or for a small fee from some generous parents. We currently have five kilos of lamb saussies in our freezer because the butcher mucked up the order and made whole sheeps into  sausages instead of doing the usual where we get some mince too. We’ve also got roasts and racks which is more than the usual family on the budget we’re working with.

Lunchtime discussion today also centered on the fact that these girls have extra knowledge about such mysterious things as how the meat gets from the animals to the table, how to drive tractors and how to milk cows.

We started discussing what our city-girl equivalent is. What are the special skills we have that farm girls don’t? We thought about parallel parking, jay-walking, dealing with queues and other issues relating to business but none of them were comparable to knowing how to slaughter a sheep. The best we could come up with? Shopping. Comparably, that’s a wee bit pathetic though isn’t it, is there anything that city girls are especially good at??


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