Double Standards

Shoot me I’m a feminist. I won’t be burning my bra anytime soon but I do get troubled by this ‘equal’ world sometimes.

I’m sure you’ve all seen the interesting frenzy that surrounded journalist Emer O’Toole after she went on morning television in The States and bared her eighteen month armpit cultivation. I watched the video and actually paused to get a better look, I’d never seen a full armpit of hair on a woman before. Now, that’s not my cup of tea but if you like it, please do your thing and work it. What was ridiculous was all the comments on the news articles and Facebook from men, grossed out and complaining about this event. I reckon that’s weird, condemning people for doing something that you do, growing armpit hair (unless all the males commenting did wax or shave then I am terribly sorry).

Same deal with brazilians, sorry guys, don’t whinge about chicks having hair down there if you’re not willing to go as far.

Actually, why are we even shaving our legs? My friends (a reliable poll) say it’s because it makes them feel clean, dressed up, attractive. Why does it do this? I fear it’s because we have been socially conditioned to think this and that we wouldn’t feel it if we lived 100 years ago.

I certainly won’t be stopping my hair removal habits on account of all this but next time you pick up your razor, think about all the men in your life with faces, legs, backs, sacks covered in hair and consider why on earth we feel we have to get rid of ours?


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