Comparitive Tragedies

I was so dreading coming back to Wellington, I’ve come back early for work. The cold, the work, the food, the having to pay for everything myself. I can’t stand it when people make “first world problems” comments. Obviously, every problem that my friends and I encounter is first world. Nothing in our lives is anything comparable to the destruction that faces some poor people everyday. If you weren’t already sick of my filmic references, Hugh Grant’s character in Notting Hill, Will Thacker, complains about something and his faithful flatmate Spike replies, “That’s compared with earthquakes in the Middle East or testicular cancer is it?”

I’ve been reading first-hand accounts of concentration camps (pre-trip) and reading an adventure story set in the gulags of Siberia during Stalin’s reign and these terrible, truly horrific events only makes me feel worse about dreading coming back because like everything else in this bloody lucky life I’ve got, everything, in the big picture, is fine. I’ve got enough food, clothes, dignity and my survival odds are excellent.

Yeah celebrating life is fabulous, I’m very into it as a hobby, as is perspective. But not only do I wish those poor people who have had terrible tragedies would find the peace they deserve, but also that they’d stop making me feel so bad about hating on things. CAN’T I JUST BE BITTER IN PEACE AND NOT FEEL BAD ABOUT IT?!




pleased I got that one out of my system.


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