Blogger’s Paradox

Been thinking about the blogger’s paradox (don’t try Googling it, I made the term up just now). It’s the un-socially normal fact that every post I put information about myself into your hands, but I know next to nothing about you. I have a tool at my end which allows me to see how many people have read the blog each day and where in the world they come from, but no more data than that. It’s mostly kiwis, so I’m assuming they’re my friends, but hopefully some others too. Then there’s the ten regular viewers from Australia, “G’day” and I definitely don’t know ten Australians. There are a few from Europe, most of them from places where I know I have friends, like my one regular Italian and Dutch followers. Some Americans, of course and now, someone from Fiji. I don’t know anyone in Fiji and I’m absolutely stoked that someone has stumbled across my blog and decided that it might be worth devoting part of their day to, welcome! So it has dawned on me this week that there are strangers out there for whom I am a (tiny) part of their lives.

But, valued readers, you hear about the thoughts in my head and the happenings in my life, it’s a bias, one-way street. You give me support and encouragement everytime I check my stats and see that people (and there are more than I ever expected) are reading my ideas. Sometimes, I wish that I knew more about you. What are your interests? What do you think about what I’m writing? and seriously, if it needs improving hit me up about it, actually, while you’re at it, go ahead and comment about what’s going on with Project Lucky. I’d be interested to hear other people’s perspectives, stories and silliness.



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  1. G Casey
    Jul 08, 2012 @ 11:04:29

    Reader from England (and cousin!) –
    for serious, I read a lot of blogs, and think you have an excellent writing style.
    look forward to reading more!


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