Awkward and Disappointed

Awkward: sitting front row at a play in a horseshoe configuration, that means I was facing some people on the other side of the stage and facing the actors, obviously, as that’s what you tend to do in the theatre. And I got a nose bleed, just after lights dimmed. There wasn’t any frights, noone hit me in the face, and the leading man wasn’t so extraordinarily hot that my nose decided to spout blood in excitement. I just had to sit there, like a five year-old in assembly with a wad of tissues, that my cousin and I managed to combine our powers of Mary Poppins-esque handbags to procure, stuck up my nose. For half an hour. With the lights that just happened to be angled towards my face so anyone who looked my way would think I was either a weirdo, had a very bad cold, or had a casual nosebleed in the theatre. Why am I completely unable to play it cool? Awkward.

Disappointed: the play  was the new piece by Eli Kent, (who we all met in June’s post, “Faultless”.) Black Confetti was pitched as a mélange of Hamlet, Breaking Bad and Alice in Wonderland. Considering that I have a creative-crush (where you’re into someone’s talents, not actually them as a person) on Kent, combine that with a great review, and I was practically salivating with theatrical keenness. I really hate to say it,  but that was not excellent. It was probably the most money Kent’s ever had thrown into a piece of work but it certainly didn’t show. The set was great, most of the dialogue was fine but the melodramatic treatment of cancer was like something you’d expect to see in a fifth form drama class, self-devised piece with all the crying and reference to the Holocaust. Both the females need to be slapped with a wet fish, told to go back to drama class and then sent off stage, they had very little integrity and even less ability to conjure up truthful emotions. I hate being a negative Nancy but seeing something go so awry from someone who deserves their reputation makes me a bit angsty. I really don’t want all the oldies in the audience thinking that this is the future of theatre in this country. Last time I saw a piece of Kent’s work it blew my hair back, this time I just wanted to hid under my fringe (and not just because of the bleeding nose). Disappointed.

Please do yourselves a favour and check this blog out. It will only do you good. was originally just Laws of Modern Man but they’ve just started Laws Of Modern Woman, so that’s why the first two posts on the blog are different to the others.)


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