Unlimited Time Only

I was expecting a grin of delight, perhaps some discussion of the latest trends and enthusiasm for money well spent when I told my brother that the first thing we were doing when we get to Prague is going to H&M. After 21 years together you would’ve thought I’d have predicted his reaction but his recent partiality for online shopping had me optimistically anticipating otherwise. “Oh yeah” was all he said. I groaned in despair! Eager to persuade him otherwise I reminded him of that awesome sweater I’d got him from H&M in London and how not to worry because I already know the main shopping street in Prague (yes I’ve been to H&M there too).

My Dad, oh so predictably, said, “We are not going halfway around the world to go shopping!”

Me, “you may not be, but I certainly am.”

The conversation went significantly less intelligently from there so I shan’t bore you by regailing it but I have finally, a good 42 hours later, I came up with the perfect response. You know in real life when the ideal retort arrives in your brain far too late and there’s no way to rectify it? Well the great thing about having a Dad who’s office is at home is that I could happily barge through his door, stir him from his immersion in blueprints and say, “Dad, cathedrals will always be there, they always stay the same, but what’s in H&M is only going to be there this time ’round, arguably, it’s more valuable due to its limited availability. Museums, pffft, they’re not going anywhere!” I think my reasoning was flawless but as he usually does to my earnest need to justify my shopping habits, he just laughed.

But you and I know that fashion took an unlikely victory in the B household today. I just hope my bank balance is up to it.



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  1. colocataire
    Jul 03, 2012 @ 23:07:05

    two things-
    1. ‘You know in real life when the ideal retort arrives in your brain far too late and there’s no way to rectify it?’ we know what that’s called-l’esprit de l’escalier’!
    2. the H & M thing is backed up by Heraclitus, a pre-Socratic philosopher who pioneered the idea of the universe being in a constant state of flux-‘one cannot step in the same river twice’. You have backup dating to the 5th century BC.



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