List #2: When I get home…

Last full day of studying today (as in sitting in the library banging my head against a desk, studying) before I have winter holidays (“holidays my ass” says the assignment that I have to write in that time). So to get me excited I made a list of what I’m looking forward to doing when my flight gets in at 1pm Friday.

When I get home I’m going to:

1. Put my electric blanket on, and possibly sleep with it on, and I know that’s naughty but it makes the bed so warm, and I do turn it off eventually, usually when I wake up in a sweat.

2. Open the pantry and the fridge, at least twice. I may not even eat anything straight away, but it’s important to scope out what deliciousness is available at no cost.

3. See what sort of soup Dad’s been making. My Dad’s office is attached to our kitchen so he is always got something on the stove to tend to during the work day. In summer it’s fruit, we have enough stewed fruit to eat solely that for every meal. In winter, it’s soups. We have all sorts of soups (none made with a recipe, of course, don’t be ridiculous) and they vary in awesomeness but we always say that they’re great otherwise Dad gets offended. I have yet to put a bowl down the sink but the one made out of leftover casserole was the last straw for my brother.

4. Have a really long shower. And I mean more than 10 minutes.

5. Catch up on all the television that Mum will have MySky-ed for me. This could very well involve me not moving for at least two days while I get up to date with everything that’s been going on, interspersed with episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

6. Eat fancy expensive yoghurt, you may laugh but there is some incredible boutique yoghurt out there.

7. Tag along with Mum when she goes out so that she’ll buy us coffee. Basically, any errand that needs doing before midday has the purchase and consumption of a coffee attached to it.

8. Go for walking dates with my friends. That is, walking around the lake, a good 5.5km loop, with a friend catching up on all the gossip and burning calories at the same time.

9. Is it my turn to host Book Club? We don’t usually talk about books, but the style is the same, evening, dessert, drinks and discussion (so a usual night in with the girls really but it sounds so much more intellectual this way).

10. Get some space from my Facebook account, during study my daily logins increase exponentially, I wonder why that is??

No I’m not oblivious to the fact that the majority of these things involve electricity and food that I won’t be paying for. Thanks Mum and Dad!


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