Wandering Eyes

It’s not a hidden fact that I am a notorious perve. On the way to uni, in the supermarket, on the bus, in lectures, at every party I will always have a wee look for a hot guy that may be lurking somewhere (anywhere!) I have been told that this personality trait is contageous, my flatmate in Lyon said she found herself checking guys out all over the show, not because she was interested (she is in love already) but because it is an interesting pursuit. To me, not only am I doing a bit of hunter/gathering but also it is such a delight to see a genuinely gorgeous guy (like a good piece of art, really).

If law school were not already the bain of my life (that and society’s need to keep paying idiots like Lindsey Lohan to ‘act’ when there are starving kids out there) there are so few hot guys in the place. So much so, that this year I can count only one (happens to be the same guy who told me I had an ‘entertaining laugh’ which I documented in May’s I’ll Take that as a Compliment.) Strangely enough, we’d never seen him before until this year, Chahoo and I have decided that they must keep a pile of hotties in the attic of law school and then release one a year for us to scrap over (not that we’ll be scrapping, we’re all to scared to talk to him sober).

There are so many gorgeous girls around campus, and that’s not just me being bias towards my lovely friends, some impartial boys (who would be dead if they said otherwise) agreed. So shouldn’t karma or the law of averages or some other destiny, fate, life-controlling thing mean that there are equal amounts of babein’ lads, smart, witty and well-dressed? And to top it off, the only hot lecturer bats for the other team!

Am I really asking too much to make our lives at law school the smallest bit interesting by chucking some hot singles into the mix?



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