Deservedly Popular

I like to be different, not so different like ‘look at me I’m wearing tie-dye’ but more ‘look at me, because noone else is wearing what I am wearing.’ I will not be caught in the latest designer gear, because there will be someone else in my law lecture wearing that dress too. No insults to those who do, whatever makes you feel good and suits you. Just that, I believe that true style (not that I’m anywhere near mastering it) is more about composition and confidence than money and labels.

Therefore I scorn the latest ‘thing’ the latest designer, the latest salon, the latest café. I like to go to places that are different, unique and far far away from the lunching ladies of Takapuna and Ponsonby who manage to fit in coffee and a blow wave after pilates. For more on my well-educated opinions on such matters, please refer to my April post ‘In the Hood’.

There’s a new café in Newmarket, a trendy shopping suburb, that started off as a catering company in Takapuna and evolved into a cramped café there. Now there’s a cookbook too. The cakes have always been beautiful, rich creamy and delish, but how would the much raved about, written about, talked about, bragged about food, fare? Mum and I were searching for somewhere for our late lunch and we ventured in, she pretty much lured me with the promise of cake. Amongst the large-sunglass wearing women and indie lads the decor was vintage yet practical, with communal tables (which should be a common feature of more eateries – why shouldn’t we eat near each other?), cute vases, minted water and help-yourself relish. I was ready to be a harsh judge but one bite into my mozzarella and meatloaf ciabatta and I was hooked.

I hate to say it but this time my opinion follows that of the trend-focused masses and I suppose that makes me one of them. But I’d happily let my values take a battering for a feed like that.


* For those of you wondering, I had a piece of chocolate raspberry cake and it was perfect.


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