It must be a sign of the economic times that everywhere seems to be having a sale at the moment, even though I’m sure some of them were discounting winter stock a month ago. I have taken to these with a certain trepidation, being one of those sale spenders who is very wary about committing to buying that first, so beautifully discounted item, trying to talk myself out of it the whole time, trying to pretend that even if it wasn’t 25% off I would still love it so much to buy it anyway. The problem with this first item is that once I’ve decided I’m buying one thing, I go into the mindset of ‘oh well, what’s one more’ and this phrase is prone to getting repeated. Hollah if you’re with me on this one.

Anyway, a certain underwear shop, which I cruelly have to walk past on my way to and from uni, is currently slashing stock and a new bra had this on the tag, “Today just be yourself, you are already wonderful”. Nice, cute, great for my self-esteem, clever marketing yeah yeah yeah. However, I’m going to take up issue with this and the whole self-affirmation industry. I’m totally into people being in love with themselves and their bodies (it’s a pretty key relationship to have) and I believe that most of us should be ourselves, most of the time. But on closer inspection, do we really want people to just be themselves? There are the obvious ones – do we really want murderers and psychopaths to be themselves? And then there is the category I come into, I am ‘myself’, most of the time, but currently I’m actively trying to be a better person (specifically in the area of kindness, if you must know). So I’m not wanting to be the actual me, I’m wanting to be a better (kinder) me.

I think we shoudn’t always settle for who we are, when we can be more the person we want to be. So, as contradictory as it sounds,  today, I’m going to try not to be myself in the hopes that one day, after all this trying, the me that I automatically am, is the me I wanted to become.


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