Dear under-25 males at the gym. . .

Dear under-25 males at the gym, yes you in the tiny shorts and singlet,
It’s me, yes the one who is often puffing away like a steam train on he cross-trainer wearing a variety of colourful, out-of-date marathon t-shirts (by the way, no I haven’t done a marathon, I don’t run, they were my mother’s. By the way, she didn’t run marathons either, her and my father walk half-marathons, far less impressive). Same one who is scowling and lifting four kilogram hand weights, and yes, that is a great improvement from my previous 3kgs, thank you very much. Just a few quick requests, if you can find the time in your busy, weight-lifting day.
1.    Stop hogging all the weights space, just because you don’t believe in cardio doesn’t mean that those of us who do don’t also like to pump a (tiny) bit of iron every now and then.
2.    Stop doing some weights, then texting, that is a weird habit and I find it hard to believe that you are so attached to your social life that you can’t go without it for an hour. It also means that sometimes you aren’t looking where you’re going, or you’re leaving your phone lying around the gym floor somewhere, which is troublesome when I’m trying to walk around – usually in a daze, sometimes with sweat in my eyes.
3.    While you are lifting said weights, with the help of a friend because you’re trying to lift much more than you actually can, if you’re going to chat, could you possibly try to have an intelligent conversation? I feel strongly, and have felt for some time now, that if you all spent some more time developing your personalities instead of flexing your biceps you may have better luck impressing those girls, that you are know doubt trying to impress, with witty convo rather than big guns.
4.    Last, but not least, I am not a strange oddity to be stared at. I tell myself that it’s because I’m so babein’ with my red face and slightly frizzy, ab-mat tousled hair, but I have a sneaking suspicion that not everyone finds that attractive. So let me exercise in peace, away from your quizzical gaze.

Thanks boys, really appreciate all you hard work and your silly little shorts.

Love from those of us girls who brave the Commerce faculty gym in order to exercise (for our good health, not just to get buff.) xx


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