What Becomes of the Broken Hearted . . . Male

We’ve all been there, sat with a friend, box of tissues in hand, nodding and making soothing whale noises while they cry, whimper, question, yell and generally mourn the loss of another guy. Another one down the gurgler, for whatever number of reasons – it’s him, it’s me, it’s both, whatever. You suggest ice cream, getting your nails done, watching something tame like 10 Things I Hate About You or getting dressed up, downing some tequila and finding a rebound. Classic scenario right? But only if your friend is female.

What  are you supposed to do if your friend is a guy sad about a girl? What’s the appropriate etiquette in that situation? You can try to be reasonable (if it’s meant to be..), you can try to be positive (it lasted so long…) you can try to tell them to pull it together, but that’s a bit harsh. It’s not really a request for chocolate and Heath Ledger and getting your skank on and drunk sad boys, like drunk sad girls just end up crying. What sort of TLC do your guy friends need in this situation? I’ll venture fourth and say less material ones (although I’ve never bought a guy Halo), maybe this is a situation that OPI nail polish cannot help, now who knew that existed?


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