All the Cool Kids

You hear things around the playground on this topic of coolness. Everyone wants to be cooler. Some people think other people are “too cool,” others are not cool enough. Who decides this mythical quantity that every young person seems to possess?(At drastically varying levels of course).

It would seem that you can buy coolness. Especially when it comes to girls and clothes. I have it on fair authority that although it can be a contributing factor, boys are a little bit more leniant when adding or subtracting ‘cool points’ for attire. Why is it that some people are born with a larger amount of ‘cool’ than others? I propose that much of this comes down to good looks because attractive people are more instantly liked, therefore appear more popular and popularity is one of the defining factors of coolness. Being confident (which can often come from good looks too) can also lead to automatic ‘cool points’. Albeit, there are exceptions, like the person who everyone thinks is a ‘cool kid’ but if they all got together and actually talked about it, they’d realise that none of them like said person, ergo, they’re not that cool.

I have just realised that perhaps my definition of cool is not the same as yours. This is problematic too. In one of my tutoring sessions I asked the kids to tell me who they would trade lives with, if they could. One said that she’d like to be this bogan guy she knew, who was super nice and had heaps and heaps of friends. To me, that guy sounds really cool, I’m focusing on the super nice, heaps of friends bit, (and because of that we can forgive the bogan bit!). I think people who read, laugh, have fun and are creative are cool. I really don’t think sneans are cool.

Basically if everyone stopped worrying about ‘being cool’ and subscribing to this mythical list of qualities that noone seems to actually be able to accurately describe and started doing more of what they liked, they’d find the people who thought they were cool. Therefore, everyone would be cool, therefore noone would have self-esteem issues. Therefore, maybe there would be more happy people on campus.

And to think I’m studying law, have I ever mentioned that maybe I’m in the wrong field?


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