Ode to Palmerston North

Now that’s a title I never thought I’d write.

What a way to spend a Saturday morning, winding through the roads north of Wellington, the rolling hills, the sheep, the farmsteads, the KFCs. Classic. As was the guy who sat in front of me on the bus who I suspect was kicked out of some threatening gang for dressing too colourfully, nevertheless he had the knuckle tattoos and the nicotine addiction to make me suitably wary. I was so excited to go on my wee adventure that I got to the bus 20 minutes early (apparently that is not what the cool kids do). But cruising on the bus was great because you can’t do anything but eat and listen to your iPod. Of course I took my Law and Economics textbook with me, like I was going to read it anyway.

It was a bright, cold day on the flat plains of Palmy and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. There’s not much there but there’s enough and my old friend and I spent the afternoon taking in the sights of the place (that didn’t take too long) and just chatting away. I got to see the beautiful university campus, they even have a duckpond (take note Victoria Uni) and lots of trees and you can study anything animal related there – even how to look after horses! And they have a crop research centre, how interesting! That’s way cooler than having a commerce building, imagine saying to your mates at lunch “Hey what did you do this morning?” reply, “Oh, you know, just went down to the large animal research centre and took blood from a cow” and being all nonplussed by it, “oh yeah, cool.” I think a couple of cows and some sheep would brighten our campus right up.

I was there for 22 hours and PB and I only stopped talking to sleep for nine hours, needless to say, we caught up. But all in all, the fudge is amazing, the supermarket’s cheap, they still have emos, the ground’s flat and my friend’s there. Being spontaneous was great, I’m going to do more of that.


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