Friend of the Blog: Hamish and Andy

What better way to start the segment than with two guys who are the closest thing I have to an obsession. Some girls like the Beebs, others 1D and some are still hoping for a member of Westlife to marry them. For me, it’s Australian radio duo Hamish and Andy. They are cool in a dorky way, funny in a clever way and have survived radio for seven years with record numbers of listeners. They’ve had regular stints on the now-extinct interview show, Rove, and done their own TV things.

In the summer of 2010-2011 I listened to every. Single. Podcast. That’s a couple of hundred. I still listen to each podcast as it’s been released and have been seen power walking and laughing at the same time at their ongoing hilarity. Stunts such as ‘Put-pocketing’, Pants-off Friday and the invention of the sport of ‘ghosting’ have put these two lads on the map. Their radio shows feature regular guests, such as Horgs’ Inventions and Hamish’s grandma, Moosie.

Hamish and Andy are best friends, and I would say, the best thing to come out of Australia since, well, maybe the only good thing to come out of Australia?

Cheers to Hamish and Andy. Let’s be friends.



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