It’s the vibe.

Law School is SO not like the movies (part 1)

Unlike my mother wishes, my life at law school does not at all represent Legally Blond, noone wears all pink nor are there girls with small dogs and fluffy pens, nor are there babes for that matter.

Anyway, Dad’s favourite movie is far and away The Castle the classic Aussie film about the family man whose land is about to be taken by the government in exchange for measly compensation and he just doesn’t want to give up the family home. Hilarity ensues, in a dead pan Australian way as Darryl Kerrigan and his family and neighbours fight for their homes.

There is a famous scene, where Dennis, the haphazard initial lawyer tries to invoke the famous decision of Mabo v Queensland (1992). The scene is below. Now I actually have to read Mabo this week. It is 217 pages long. But to save trees we get them two to an A4 page so the print is smaller. And we’re being assessed on it next week. I’ve always wanted to read this case because of my interest in indigenous rights and it’s fame from The Castle, now I’m not so sure.




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