Let’s face it, we’ve nearly all got them, we all like to pretend we don’t. I’m not talking about embarrassing parents or wobbly inner thighs. I’m talking about exes. These people who occupy a place that was once so important in our lives and so quickly become the last people we want to run into (especially when we’re not looking super hot).

I saw one of mine the other day (fortunately, I was wearing clean clothes and had a new haircut). He was (she sighs wistfully) my first love, the high school boyfriend (bless). Four things as to how things could’ve happened as he walked past MB, JA and I as we had lunch.

Scenario 1: We smile at each other, the knowing smile of two people who shared something special once, long ago and now wish each other the best on their new path in life.
Scenario 2: I say “Hi”, he says “Hi” (or vice versa, he could go first). Clean, simple recognition.
Scenario 3: We have a small chat about how we are and what we’re each up to these days, no longer than three minutes, I smile a lot, he smiles a lot, we both try to show the other how great our lives are.
Scenario 4: I chase after him down the street calling his name and we have a chat, I’ve got cute flushed cheeks and he asks me for a coffee, I decline, knowing that I’ve moved on and these things should be put to rest. He watches me as I walk away.

Regretfully, I did not play it that cool, do you know what really happened?


I saw him from a mile off and as he walked past I talked to JA, I don’t even know if he saw me, then I saw his back. Just like that.

We should be adult enough to acknowledge each other, right? But what if we’re not. I hope it’s because he didn’t see me, that way I won’t lose sleep over the fact that two people who were once so close could be strangers on the street.


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  1. Anna
    May 23, 2012 @ 23:36:48

    I ran into what you might call my high school sweetheart in London a few years ago. We stopped, talked, and have now been married for 6 years. Just sayin’.


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